Fast Facial - Rose Glycolic Exfoliator

1 oz.

No time for hours at the spa? This quick working esthetician formulated rose exfoliator will make your skin smooth and soft as if you just had a facial.


Our rose glycolic exfoliator will rejuvenate, tighten and smooth skin in minutes! Glycolic acid, made from sugar cane, is the most active and beneficial of the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). AHAs penetrate through cell walls triggering new collagen formation and plump cells reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Around the world ingredients

• Organic Bulgarian Rose
• Organic Japanese Green Tea
• Organic Pomegranate

Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrances, Sulfates, Detergents,
Parabens, Urea, DEA, TEA or Phthalates.

rosa damascena (rose) organic distillate*, glycolic acid, alcohol*, camellia sinensis (organic white tea) extract*, kamellia sinensis (organic green tea) extract, lunica granatum (organic pomegranate) extract, zingiber officinale (organic ginger) extract*, amorphophallus (konjac) powder, corallina officinalis (seaweed), melia azadirachta (neem) extract, coccinia indica (ivy gourd) extract, solanum melongena (eggplant) extract, aloe barbadensis (aloe) extract, ocimum sanctum (tulsi) extract, curcuma longa (turmeric) extract, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid  *certified organic ingredients

How to use

For first time use, only apply for 5 minutes. Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin. Rinse off after 5-10 minutes. Light tingling will occur. If skin becomes irritated, wash off immediately with warm water. 

Recommended use 1-2 times weekly to notice improvement in your skin tone and texture.

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