What’s not in our products?

We check every cruelty-free ingredient against our “Passport Denied List”.

Are we Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Yes! All products are vegan, and we are Leaping Bunny Certified - Cruelty Free.

How do we craft our products?

We craft everything in small batches with vigilant quality oversight. Professional estheticians formulate our products in FDA-registered, USDA-certified facilities.

What is the shelf life/expiration?

None of our products need refrigeration. All of our products are shelf stable for (1) one year before opening. We recommend using the Vitamin C Serum within three months of purchase to prevent oxidation.

Why do color and texture differ?

Due to the nature of organic, natural ingredients the color and or texture will vary from batch to batch. Please note there is nothing wrong with the product if you notice a slight variation. We do not use harsh preservatives that would make every batch exactly the same.

What is the molecular weight of our Hyaluronic Acid?

Our Hyaluronic Acid has a low molecular density.

Can our products be layered?

All of our products can be layered. We recommend the following sequence:

Cleanser — Toner —Serum— Cream 

*Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum was developed to easily layer with our products.

*Use Retinol products only at night as retinol breaks down and becomes ineffective in sunlight.

My airless pump will not work (Retinol Cream, Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream , and Face Glow)

If it is your first time using one of our airless pump jars, we recommend pushing down on the pump a few times to prime to the product.

The product will be released from the top center. If you want to use more, simply press down multiple times until you have the desired amount.

During shipping an air bubble may form, please tap the jar on its side then try to pump out again.

Can I use products daily?

All of our products can be used daily, however NOT all can be used in the morning. Our Retinol products should only be used in the evening as Retinol breaks down and is ineffective during the day.

How long before I see results? 

Everyone’s skin responds differently, and we can’t provide a specific timeframe. We have heard from some customers that they can feel or see a difference within 1-2 weeks of consistent and proper use of our products. We recommend at least 3 months with retinol products to notice a change.

How do I return or exchange a product?

Please see our return policy:

How do I contact you for additional questions?

Please email 


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